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Saints Row The Third XBOX360-SPARE

Saints Row The Third XBOX360 gameHere is scenegroup SPARE with the Xbox 360 release of Saints Row The Third! I think we have all heard of this game.. and perhaps we have all been waiting for it.. so enjoy! Of course, you need iXtreme lt+ 2.0+ to play this. It’s RF though!

Description: In Saints Row: The Third, fame and fortune come at a bittersweet price for the kings of Stilwater. Faced with serious demands from the legendary criminal fraternity, the Syndicate, the Saints must hit the streets of Steelport to trample their new rivals — and defend their status. Get ready for intense action, grueling gang violence and outlandish situations to spare as you take on a decaying city of sin in an all-new battle with the Saints. Buckle up and take a massive tank on a wild ride — through the sky. Duke it out against trained military forces and call in a strategic airstrike on a Mexican wrestling gang. With grit and guts galore, you and your gang will never kneel to an enemy. After all, just because you’re a Saint doesn’t mean you have to behave

Saints Row The Third XBOX360 preview

  • Return to the streets of Stilwater and discover how fame and fortune as the kings of the town has affected the Saints ? for the better and for the worse
  • Take the fight to Steelport, a struggling city of sin where you must battle it out with the dangerous Syndicate gang
  • Get some serious air while driving a massive tank ? right through the sky
  • Take on a Mexican wrestling gang in a satellite-targeted airstrike
  • Defend yourself against a highly trained military force in an incredibly outlandish scenario
Saints Row The Third XBOX360 game Download
Genre: Action
Publisher: THQ
Developer: Volition

Release name: Saints_Row_The_Third_XBOX360-SPARE
Size: 7.58 GB


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