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2. No problem should ever have to be solved twice.

The creative brains of a valuable, limited resource. There are many fascinating new problems waiting out there, they do not re-inventing the wheel vyarthamaindi.
Behave like a Hacker, you and other hackers' idea of ​​the time รข € "almost a moral duty for you to share information, the more so, just so other hackers can solve problems and then give away valuable believe that the solutions instead of constantly re-address old ones have to solve new problems .
"The problem is never to be solved twice." However, note that you have all the solutions have been considered sacred, or any issues that do not apply to a single right solution. Often, we first cut at a solution by studying the most and find previously unknown about the problem. We can do it is to determine the right of, and often necessary. And force people to re-invent wheels again, even what seems to be a good solution to prevent the artificial technical, legal, or institutional barriers (closed - such as source code) is not.
(If you have the hackers have the most respect from other hackers have received them, although we believe that the victims can not give away all your creative product. Hacker This is consistent with the values ​​you want to keep it is to sell enough of the food and rent and computers. This is a family support or get help Rich, as long as it will replace your art and your fellow hackers do not forget your loyalty is.) to use your hacking skills to a fine of


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