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Create a Background Theme using Photo Tagging

As we all know, Facebook has recently changed its layout and look. In this new look, photos are displayed on profile and Chaaps.com reports that this Photo Tagging feature has enabled another Facebook hack called Photo Tagging hack or Background hack. So, lets start with the procedure to create a background theme using Facebook Photo tagging hack.

Facebook Photo Tagging hack:

Using this photo tagging hack, you can hack Facebook profile to show your images in a manner similar to the images below. These are some of the Facebook profiles which have implemented Photo Tagging hack:
Facebook Background photo tagging hack

Facebook hack

How to implement this Facebook hack???

Well, this Facebook Photo Tagging hack requires knowledge of Photoshop. Below is the video guide on how to implement Facebook Photo Tagging hack.
To make your job simple, here are the Facebook psd files (credit: Xadacka). Free download Facebook Photo Tagging .psd files.
Password: techotoys.blogspot.com
Simply insert your image in above psd file. Adjust your image to suit your needs and slice the images.
Now, upload them to your Facebook account and tag the images in reverse order (from last image to first).
That’s it. Your profile will look something like this:
Facebook Photo tagging hack

This is my Facebook profile.
This Facebook Photo Tagging hack is something you must try out. I guess this Facebook Background hack is gonna be much popular in near future, adding one more reason to love Facebook. If you have any problem in this facebook hack tutorial on how to create background theme using Photo Tagging hack, please mention it in comments.
Enjoy Facebook Photo tagging hack…


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