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DNS Query use to find IP Address

DNS Query use to find IP Address

DNS Query is Domain Name system Query.

Domain Name system is a server who stores IP address of each website.
And we will learn to use tools for getting IP address from DNS server.

We will use here Webmasters-Toolkit.(http://www.webmaster-toolkit.com/dns-query.shtml)

1. First of all we will open the site Webmasters-Toolkit from (http://www.webmaster-toolkit.com/dns-query.shtml) , and write URL of our target Site. Here I am targeting my blog "5steps2hack.blogspot.com".

2.After executing the query we noticed that this blog do not have its own IP Address , because it is one of the directory of server whose owner is google.com. We know that google is the owner of blogger.com , and here too ip address which is given is google's ip address. We will prove it in third step. For now it is sufficient for us to know that ip address we find is

3.I used here the same address and see the result. It proves that DNS is one of the best way to get information about server as well as IP address.


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