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Backup your Gmail account !!

backup gmail

If you want to backup your online gmail account to your local computer, simply enable POP3 in gmail settings and use some desktop mail clients to download a copy of them. Read more for the detailed procedure.
You can use simple and good mail clients like Windows Live Mail, Outlook and Thunderbird etc.., Although they are good at work so many of newbies are not aware of how to us them so we are going to learn much easier way to backup your gmail account.

You may think why should you make a back up of you gmail account. If this is your doubt, I can give you few reasons...

#1: If your gmail got Hacked!! Don't think that it never happens to you because it even happens to a professional.

#2: If gmail service goes down!! Again don't think it never happens because it is created by Man.

#3: In worst case, if you deleted your important mail accidentally.

I think this are enough to make a back up of your gmail account. So in this post we are going to learn about True Switch by which you can make a backup of your gmail account to your hotmail account(If you don't have a hotmail account, Just create one - its free)
Just go to TrueSwitch and enter you gmail ID and password in first two coloums and Hotmail account details in next two coloum. Now choose your preferences below it and hit "Copy to Windows live Mail". That's it your done.


Their an other alternate way called backupify (For more visit backupift.com)  by which you can make your things go!! The things at backupify are simple and short. They are given below.

  • Step 1: Choose your service plan(you can pay them if you like).
  • Step 2: Select your online accounts to be backed up
  • Step 3: Sit back as Backupify creates and updates your independent account backups
If your not sure about making a backup of your gmail account with this clients(because of your Privacy or other Security reasons) you can use Google's official email fetcher program to make things done. But some of its user complain that it doesn't making a complete backup as it leaves some email which are marked as read or personal ect.., 
So select the best one to back and happy backup ;-)


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