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Chrome Overtaking Firefox for no. 2 spot?

In the tough competition of the web browsers, there are lot of these fighting for the top places. Be it Microsoft’s IE, Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari or Opera, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

While IE is used the most worldwide and is at the top spot, Firefox (as of now) holds the next position but the rate at which Chrome is gaining popularity, seems like it is going to take over the Firefox for its second position.

chrome vs firefox

According to the StatCounter, which tracks browser usage based on the web analytics, reports that Chrome will pass Firefox to take the No. 2 spot behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) no later than December. Chrome is not much behind Firefox at present and we will have to see how much time it will take to surpass it.

The stats simply indicate the rising usage of the browser Chrome but it does never mean that Firefox is not that great. My personal favourite browser among all the browsers is Firefox and I sparingly use Chrome and at occasions when Firefox don’t seem to work.

The stats may be different for different countries but one thing is for sure, Chrome is soon going to occupy the second spot after IE among all browsers.

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