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PS1 Backups now playable on CFW

Hello, from now i will try to post daily/weekly news about PS3/XBOX360 scene. You all know i’m a fuck*** game freak !

Good things always happens when you away from the PC and ‘net, and in this case it is DOUBLE-WOW, this is a quote from a thread from a German PS3 Developer called ScHeVeNs. Him posts  explain how he was able to get PS1 Backups working on any Jailbroken Sony PS3 Console:

Originally Posted by schevens
hi there,

I am ScHeVeNs a German PS3 Developer,
I have found a way, to boot any burned PS1 Backup Game, its not very hard to make...

PS3 with 3.55CFW
(maybe also a 3.41 machine, but not tested in moment!) ( I use Rebug 3.55.2 for that )
multiMAN latest version!
-PS1 Backup on burned Disk
-Start your PS3,
-Insert your burned PS1 Copy,
-start multiMAN,
-go to filemanager mode,
search for:
-Press X on ps1_emu.self
Tada, your Ps1 Backup will now boot and you see the PSLogo Bootscreen.

maybe this works also on PS2 Games Backups but i have a PS3 slim....and can not test this!

Have fun with this....
And give $ony a slap in her ..... face.
greetings ScHeVeNs
this is living!!!

Now for our second half of this double-wow news breaking story, the update from Dean himself for his multiMAN app:

Originally Posted by deank
In 02.07.06 the PSX and PS2 discs are properly detected.

PSX discs will show in XMMB Game Column and you can launch the PS1 game from there. It uses ps1_emu.self. If you press [TRIANGLE] over a PSX game icon you can pick to load the disc using ps1_netemu.self (Net).

multiMAN ver 02.07.06 UPDATE (20110927-234200).pkg (1.75 MB)

There are a lot of other things in this release, but I'll post about that in the changelog for the 02.08.00.

I tested PSX burned to CD-R and it worked, so I can confirm that it works with some games.

I hope you find this useful along with loading PS3 games from DVD/BD discs.
It is really nice to see PS3 developers working together and within hours multiMAN directly supports ScHeVeNs neat trick!

MAJ Multiman v02.07.06 :
  • PSX memory card support, improved compatibility
Download Multiman v02.07.05 -> MEDIAFIRE
Download Multiman v02.07.06 -> MEDIAFIRE


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