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DateCalc, Quick Disk, CHM Decompiler, SimpleRSS MacOSX Retail -CORE

CORE have released a few small applications that may be useful for  Mac OSX users. All applications are retail, also don’t forget to read the NFO for more information.

DateCalc is a simple application for operating with dates. It can calculate a number of days between two selected dates, and find a date after specified number of days/months from selected date. DateCalc also allows you to add the result date as an event to iCal application.
861.17 kB – CR-X3000.ZIP – NFODownload
Quick Disk
Quickly eject disks with a beautiful status bar menu. Stay up to date with how much space you have available in your hard drive easily by tracking it as either a percentage or as a number of total space ject each drive or eject all of them in a single click.
1.01 MB – CR-X3000.ZIP – NFODownload
CHM Decompiler
CHM Decompiler is a small utility that decompiles and extracts CHM files (Microsoft HTML Help File Format), which is a very popular file format for documentations and books under windows. This app helps you extract the files that was packaged inside CHM files. You can make ePub files using the files extracted from CHM files or just read it inside your web browser, or you just need to extract some beautiful pictures inside CHM files.
431.21 kB - CR-X2998.ZIP – NFODownload
SimpleRSS is a beautiful RSS reader application designed & enhanced for OS X Lion. SimpleRSS takes RSS simply, has basic Google Reader support, and manages it with a wonderful destraction-free built-in sidebar.
967.28 kB – CR-X2997.ZIP - NFODownload


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