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Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi PAL XBOX360-iMARS

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi game
Here we have another game released by iMARS from the franchise of Dragon Ball Z. This manga is very famous in europe, and i LOVED the Ragging Blast  2 game, so amazing… I doubt this Ultimate Tenkaichi can be better than RB2… It’s over 9000!

Fight with Furious Combos and experience the new generation of Dragon Ball Z!Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi features upgraded environmental and character graphics, with designs drawn from the original manga series. Destructible battlefields, including massive craters and ki blasts cutting across the sky deliver a more dynamic experience and immediate sense of urgency to the exhilarating fights. An enhanced story mode drops players into the rich Dragon Ball Z universe, filled with beloved characters and powerful enemies. An accessible battle system allows gamers of all ages to hold their own in fast-paced battles, while still retaining tactical depth for hardcore fans.

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi game Download

  • Enhanced Battle Mechanics – “Impact Break” system allows large scale environment destruction. Improved mechanics allow for faster long-to-short range fights.
  • Complete Character Creation & Customization – Appearance and attributes can be customized such as model body, face, hair, attire, fighting style and more! Additionally fighting style and special moves can be selected.
  • Deeper Brand Representation – Fight presentations more closely mirror the animation series. Battle against a new group of giant bosses as in the animation series.
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi game preview
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Spike
Genre: Fighting
Release name: Dragon.Ball.Z.Ultimate.Tenkaichi.PAL.XBOX360-iMARS
Size: 5909MB in 62F





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