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The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky USA PSP-BAHAMUT

The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky psp gameBAHAMUT released The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky . Enjoy :D

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky bills itself as the biggest adventure to ever appear on a handheld. The main storyline alone clocks in at over 50 hours, and this is only the first installment of a planned trilogy! In the kingdom of Liberl, the independent order of the Bracers keeps the peace and maintains order. Join two aspiring Bracers, Estelle and Joshua, on a ten-year quest to join the guild. As they travel the land, they uncover a dark plot to ignite a war within the country’s peaceful borders. Use a well-thought-out, turn-based battle system that eliminates random battles by making every enemy visible on the map.

The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky game preview

  • Attack: uses equipped weapon to deal damage to the enemy. Different weapons have different ranges and areas of effect.
  • Craft: these are the character’s individual special skills which developed from each of their unique equipped weapons. They are unique to each character and require CP to use. However they are instantaneous and take place immediately.
  • Combat terminates when all enemies are destroyed and having your whole party wiped out will normally result in gameover, with a few exceptions in events
The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky psp game Download
PublisherXseed Games
Developer: Falcom
Genre: Role-Playing

Release name: The.Legend.of.Heroes.Trails.in.the.Sky.USA.PSP-BAHAMUT
Size: 838 MB



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