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Outland PSN PS3 game
Here we have another PSN game cracked by scene group DUPLEX. I don’t know this game but it look good with superb gfx..

An action platformer with a combat/interactivity system based on polarity, Outland focuses on a hero who can switch between light and dark forms, an ability he’ll need to exploit in order to destroy monsters and avoid attacks. He’ll take damage from opposite-colored bullets but will be impervious to those of the same polarity. He’ll also only be able to control objects that match his polarity. By switching between forms, he will be able to solve platforming puzzles and crush enemies in this mysterious new land he finds himself in.

Outland PSN PS3 game preview

  • Play as a faceless city dweller whose efforts could bridge an ancient divide or cause complete destruction.
  • Embark on an adventure that will toss you between light and darkness, forcing you to adapt to an ever-changing environment.
  • Run, jump and climb to dodge the deadly traps in a beautiful world doomed by chaos.
Outland PSN PS3 game Download
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Housemarque
Genre: Action

Release name: Outland.PSN.PS3-DUPLEX
Size: 1205MB in 26F


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