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Periodic Table Explorer v1.2 MacOSX Cracked-CORE

Periodic Table Explorer app DownloadCORE released latest update for The Periodic Table Explorer, a simple to use resource that covers all of the elements of the periodic table, their compounds, properties, isotopes, reactions and much more. Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or later, 64-bit processor

Periodic Table Explorer is the complete reference for the elements of the periodic table. It contains over 1400 pages of (searchable) text, a glossary of terms, biographies of important chemists, list of compound, hundreds of scientific constants and over two hundred images! In addition are lists of elements by property (melting point, discovery date, etc.).

Periodic Table Explorer app preview
What’s New
Version 1.2:
  • Added “country” tab. Updated elements 114 and 116 following IUPAC decision on names.
Release Name: Periodic.Table.Explorer.v1.2.MacOSX.Cracked-CORE
Size: 35.79MB


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