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Pixelloop LLC Ruffled Feathers Rising v1.00.00 ANDROiD-rGPDA

Flight in a full 3D city! And best of all, you get to poop on people, brought us by rGPDA for ANDROiD.

Pixelloop LLC Ruffled Feathers Rising preview

Description: Soar through the skies of Splat City, constantly on the hunt for your next victim. Throughout the city’s rolling suburbs, relaxing parks, bustling university campus, the clamor of the city’s largest industrial project, and the highrise hustle and bustle of downtown you will enact your birdie rage fueled vengeance in a spectacular array of 3D urban environments.

Pixelloop LLC Ruffled Feathers Rising Download
Features :
  • Spectacular 3D environments
  • Open Free Reign Flight in every level
  • Smooth arcade style flight controls
  • Unlock an entire city to play in!
  • Multiple play strategies: dive bomb unsuspecting humans, focus on achievements, and more.
Release name: Pixelloop.LLC.Ruffled.Feathers.Rising.v1.00.00.ANDROiD-rGPDA
Size: 41 MB


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