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Monster Hunter Tri USA Wii-Jailed

Let me get this out of the way right now.  Great job Strikeforce…..the best fight was the last one.  Nothing better than to end some boring fights with a big brawl in the ring during the post fight interview.  LMAO!!   I still can’t believe that actually happened.  Looks like Mayhem Miller got his own Bully Beatdown by the Diaz Brothers, G. Melindez, Shields and others.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program…..  Jailed released this game the other day and it received an 8.8 Editor’s Choice awards from IGN.  Looks like this game is worth the download.  Check it out and  enjoy!

Monster Hunter Tri depicts an ecosystem where man co-exists with fantastic beasts that roam both the land and the sea. Featuring both online and offline cooperative modes, players can join online hunting parties with up to four players or play with two players on a single TV for select quests. Players also have the option to face Monster Hunter Tri’s quests as a single player experience accompanied by Cha-Cha, an AI hunting partner whose tracking and trapping skills will prove invaluable in the hunt.

Monster Hunter Tri Download
General Features:
  • Environments: Introduction of new environments, including underwater and volcano present new gameplay mechanics and the ability to
  • Updated Ecosystem: A fully developed world finds man and monsters existing side by side in a living and breathing ecosystem where monsters not only interact with the hunter, but with each other as well.
  • Controls: Choose between three different control configurations using either Wii Remote and Nunchuck or Wii Classic controller to determine which best suits your style of play.
  • Online: Capcom’s proprietary online wi-fi mode allows up to four players to connect online with ease.
  • Enhanced Single Player Mode: Monster Hunter Tri’s introduction of an enhanced single player mode which eases players into the world of Monster Hunter delivering a series of quests that introduce game mechanics slowly.
  • Accessibility: Updated user interface makes it easy for players to select the right tool for the job via visual cues which aide in managing items for mining, gathering, carving, and more.
Monster Hunter Tri preview
Release name: Monster.Hunter.Tri.USA.Wii-Jailed
Filename: jailed-mht
Size:  4.3 GB




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