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Get Facebook Notification On Desktop | Facebook Desktop.

Facebook Desktop is a must have app for all windows users since facebook has already crossed 500Million users and the new statistics show that every 13th person has a Facebook Account. Therefore its has become a persons part of life to check their facebook accounts regularly.
But I know its quite boring having to go to facebook.com then login etc etc. What if you could get your new facebook notifications right on your Windows Desktop in realtime? wont it be less tedious and hassle free?
Now there is a way to get new notifications,status updates etc on your windows desktop in realtime. The name of the application is Facebook Desktop.

Features of Facebook Desktop:

  • Get facebook notifications on your desktop as soon as they arrive.
  • Get latest status updates by your friends.
  • Get friend requests on your screen.
  • Update your status updates from your desktop.
  • and many more…
How To Install Facebook Desktop
  1. Go to Facebookdesktop.com.
  2. Click Downloadnow.
  3. If you don’t have Adobe Air installed it will be automatically installed.
    Facebook Desktop
    Facebook Desktop
  4. After Adobe Air is installed the application installation starts.
    Facebook Desktop
    Facebook Desktop
  5. Click Install and Continue, Accept the License Agreement.
  6. The Installation has completed successfully.
How To Setup the Application:
  1. After the Installation has finished the following Pop-up window comes, Enter your facebook Username/Email and Password and Click Log In.
    Facebook Desktop
    Facebook Desktop
  2. Allow the application to connect to Facebook.
  3. Now the Application will reside in the Notification Area and will alert you of New Notifications and Updates.


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