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Mario Sports Mix PAL Wii-GLoBAL

Mario Sports Mix for the Wii game
Nintendo announced this game some weeks ago and they also said the release date will be around January 2011. They say this is going to be one of the best sports games for Nintendo Wii which will include the most famous collection of Mario characters. More about the character names and statistics later on.

Mario Sports Mix for the Wii. Get warmed up for a madcap mix of sports as the Mario squad takes on volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, and hockey! Classic sports with an over-the-top, Mario twist! Spike shells, bananas, and Bob-ombs over the net in volleyball, shrink an opponent with a Mini-Mushroom dodgeball attack, and avoid basketball-stealing ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion! With four main sports and a variety of minigames to choose from, there’s plenty of Mario-themed fun for everyone! Gear up for exciting multiplayer action! You and up to three other players can face off against each other, or you can play cooperative tournaments with up to two of your friends. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and broadband Internet access also allows you to compete in single-player or 2-on-2 matchups with players from all over your region! Additional accessories required for multiplayer modes. Each sold separately. Pick your teams! Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and the rest of the classic Mario characters are ready to play.

Mario Sports Mix for the Wii game preview 

  • Features – Your favorite Nintendo characters battle in four sporting events – basketball, volleyball, hockey and dodge ball; the basic rules of the games remain in play, but each also includes special Nintendo flavored elements like coins and special items that ramp up the craziness and fun
  • Along with standard play, gathering coins will build up bonus points; so when players score a point or basket, they also get the added bonus
  • You can collect items like a koopa shell to use against your opponents, even using special items to beat up on the other team while shooting or spiking
  • Every character has a signature move that’s almost impossible for opponents to stop; a sampling of these include Mario’s fireball moves or Princess Peach’s heart-filled attacks
  •  Use a variety of tricks to keep opponents guessing at your next move
Mario Sports Mix for the Wii game Download
Publisher: Nintendo
Developper: Nintendo
Genre: Sport

Release name: Mario.Sports.Mix.PAL.Wii-GLoBAL
Size: 4487MB in 95F


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